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Getting Started

Sample Edits and Introductory Calls

Getting the most out of a line edit or coaching session requires trust and rapport between author and editor. I offer a free 1000-word sample edit to prospective editing clients and a free 15-minute introductory call to all clients. Sample edits allow you to get a better feel for who I am, how I can help you, and whether we’re a good editing match. They also allow me to get a feel for how you write and how quickly I can edit your project. Please send a representative sample from your project rather than the most polished 1000 words. For editing clients, the introductory call allows us to determine whether we're a good personality match. For coaching clients, the introductory call helps me understand what challenges you’re facing so that I have strategies at the ready when we meet for your full-length coaching session. 

I look forward to working with you!

Ready to schedule a sample edit or introductory coaching call?

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