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Meet Kate

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Ready to get started?

I understand from personal and professional experience that writing is no easy feat. But man does it feel good when you get the words just right.

Training and education matter (I’ll get there, I promise), but the "fit" between author and editor is what turns a professional relationship into a partnership. So, what can you expect from me if we work together? You can expect an editor who:

  • Is honest, conscientious, organized, attentive, and eager to help.

  • Has a sense of humor and an appreciation for witty banter, in writing and in life.

  • Loves her family, cake, books, diet Dr Pepper, lifting weights, the public library, and biking to nowhere ... and is happy to hear about all of the things that you love, whether they affect your work or not! 


More than that, you can expect an editor who's passionate about reading great writing and committed to helping others craft great writing. 

I edit all fiction except thrillers, mysteries, and high fantasy (but romantasy is great!). I particularly love editing historical romance. A happily-ever-after set in a world without cars and smartphones and with cravats and carefully veiled innuendo? Yes, please.  

As promised, the details on why I’m qualified to help you craft an engaging, well-written story… 

My credentials include: formal writing training from my undergraduate and PhD studies in history (from Davidson College and then Emory University); completion of the ACES Certificate in Editing; and, ongoing participation in the EFA's classes and webinars. I also spent more than a decade coaching college students to stay motivated, write clearly, and manage their time wisely, which means I’ve finely honed my ability to deliver honest feedback in a direct but gentle way. Finally, as the mother of three young children, I understand personally how important it is to work as efficiently as possible!


Writing is hard work no matter how much you love it! My job is to help make the process smoother and to help make your hard-earned manuscript the best it can be. It's my privilege to be entrusted with your writing!

Full member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and ACES: The Society for Editing.

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