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Line- and Copyediting

Line editing (also known as stylistic editing) polishes your writing in a way that enhances your voice and your story. The goal of a line edit is to make your writing as crisp, effective, and pleasurable to read as possible. While line editing, I'll assess things like clarity, word choice, sentence structure, wordiness, and readability.


My line editing services also include a light copyedit. While line editing assesses how well you've used language, copyediting evaluates how well you've followed the rules of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization (among many other things) ... or, if you've broken the rules in a way that benefits your story.


It’s hard to write clean, effective prose if your sentences are filled with grammatical errors. It’s equally challenging to write a story that’s pleasurable to read if your grammar is perfect but your sentences are wordy and difficult to understand. Consequently, a combined line- and copyedit is the best way to ensure your manuscript shines.


Editing services include:

  • Manuscript corrections made with Microsoft Word track changes (you'll get the marked-up copy as well as a clean copy)

  • An editorial letter that explains my overall impressions of the project and outlines the in-text revisions

  • A style sheet outlining your preferred editorial choices

  • Clear communication throughout the process

  • A 30-minute call to discuss the manuscript edits and answer any questions you have once I've returned your manuscript


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Author Coaching

Even the most motivated authors face flagging motivation and time management challenges on occasion.  (Trust me, I make the desk-to-kitchen journey when I’m stuck too.) During a coaching session, we will discuss your goals, your timeline, and the challenges you’re facing, and create action steps to help you stay focused and productive.


Coaching sessions can be held on Google Meet or by phone, depending upon your preference. 


The fee for a 1-hour coaching session includes a written summary of our discussion so that you don’t have to scramble to take notes while we talk.

If you're not ready for coaching but could use some time management strategies, click here for suggestions. If you have recommendations for topics I should cover on the blog, please feel free to submit them using the "contact me" button below. I'm happy to address them in a future post! 

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Revision Coaching

If you know you're ready to self-edit but aren't sure where to begin, or if you feel overwhelmed by the process of self-editing, consider revision coaching.


With this affordable, flat-fee service, I'll read and line edit the first 15,000 words of your manuscript, then we'll meet virtually for sixty minutes to discuss how you can continue editing on your own. During that meeting (and in comment boxes throughout the manuscript), I'll explain how I've edited and why I've made each recommendation, giving you tools and strategies to use as you self-edit the rest of the manuscript.


If you intend to hire an editor, revision coaching will lower your costs by improving the quality of your manuscript. If you don't, revision coaching will help you hone your editing skills and proceed with a plan.

This service will benefit your current manuscript as well as your future projects.

Have more questions about the services described above? Let's discuss!

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